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1 Week Away From Garibaldi Live: Update

A few months ago I went from thinking about creating a whole new show, to beginning the journey of actually creating it.  This journey has become so much more to me then I planned.

The team behind the scenes are the true stars of Garibaldi Live, and I could not do this without them.  From my production team, dancers, musicians, and many more!

Also, when you are trying to do something completely new and different it does not come without the challenges or sacrifice to pull it off.  My hope is that we can share with the world something that was created in our own backyard.

Be sure to get your tickets ahead of time they are moving FAST!  See you on October 26th!

For Ticket Info CLICK HERE!!!

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  • jennifer says:

    I live in Cincy and see that you are coming to Highland Heights KY on November 3rd. Can you offer any more details… where will u be appearing?it says ‘at Private’… Will there be an opportunity for people to buy tickets–i would like to go?

    thanks jennifer

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