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3 Steps To Become A Full Time Artist

These 3 steps are for any artist at any place in their career.


They will be the building blocks for your growth and success and the steps even I consistently revisit today.


When I started my career back in 2003, I had to answer this one question:

How will I speak to my collectors and community through my art?


1. Become an art advocate using imagery that speaks on behalf of that community.


I was into urban jazz music. So the imagery was people who looked like me and felt like me. As they were playing music, I wanted to make sure that the expressions felt like how we felt in that room when we all heard that music in the jazz club. I wanted my art to look like how we looked when we put some headphones on, how would our face look, and how would our body move. I translated that feeling into the imagery, and naturally it attracted people who felt the same way.


2. Relationship Momentum- The relationships that you develop with your collectors.


Outside of the studio, put the brush down, take a break, go get to know them. It is important to spend time and show appreciation for your collectors. If these collectors originate from your community, it will feel natural and effortless at times. This investment of time and care that you have for your collectors will pay off and it could pay off decades later.


3. Your skill sets need to grow equally as much as you push to gain new collectors.


As I was pushing my art career, growing my brands, and connecting with my collectors, I was also building these lasting relationships because I was always passionate about what I was giving and how I was building my brand along the way. This mindset of developing your skills as you go, can go so far, and by doing that, becoming aware, this is ultimately what attracts your collectors. These are three steps that you can start doing today.

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Think about connecting your passions with your art. How would that look? How would that feel?


Think about developing relationships with new collectors, and past ones. Where would that be? Who would that be with?


I challenge you to really take the time to break these 3 steps down I’ve covered in this video. These are steps towards a solid foundations to build a lasting art brand and career.


You can Re Start Your Art Career with new Confidence WITHOUT giving up or creating what you love.


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