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A Platform, A Story, Changed Lives

I live for stories like this.  One person who was inspired to take on the cause of others…

Not haphazordly, he organized so that more can be reached with his message.  I asked onTwitter today…”Do you have a platform that can change live?”.  And I’ll ask it again.

Do you have a platform that can changes lives?

Know that your platform starts with a passion, and that passion can be anything.  Creative, Competitive, Charitable, or Profitable…anything.  It can be domestic, local, regional, national, or global.  Then when a purpose is applied it becomes so much more.  To Write Love On Her Arms is a passion with purpose.  And that has created a platform to reach out to those who need compassion.

So what is your platform?  Or, what are you doing to create it?

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