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A Sushi Art Night

The Triple P Garibaldi Roll (Paint With Passion & Purpose)

The Triple P Garibaldi Roll (Paint With Passion & Purpose)

If you read even a couple of my updates on Facebook or Twitter you hear me talk about sushi A LOT!  I’m a huge fan, and mainly of a local place in Sacramento called Mikuni’s.  They have several locations in the Sacramento area, Denver, and they are expanding to the Bay Area.

My friend Taro who owns Mikuni’s with his family asked me to create some art for his new place called Kaizen by Mikuni’s.  He had this cool idea of Einstein making sushi so I could not pass it up.  You’ll see pics of the painting and pics from our night tasting my roll and some new dishes.

Be sure to check out Kaizen in Roseville, CA (CLICK HERE FOR INFO) and try the Triple P Garibaldi Roll.  Let me know what you think.


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