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Does It Ever Feel Overwhelming?

Does it ever feel overwhelming? If it does, how do you overcome that?
Jon Wiilde:
It doesn’t feel over whelming. I think the reason being is perspective and understanding.  I understand that 60,000 songs a day get up loaded to Spotify.
So if I don’t feel like a song has enough plays as it should,  I can’t fully blame one thing.
I also have faith in the process and I have faith in allowing things to take their time and take shape as they do.  I think that if you’re really here and you’re about it, you’re showing up everyday, show up everyday to the thing you believe in love for 10 years;  you will be blown away by the outcome.
It doesn’t feel overwhelming  because this is what I want to do. This is it and I don’t fight it. It’s so much harder to try to  fight what the world and society already is.  Instead of  going along with it, and I don’t mean conform, but separate  your mission in a way. You know what I mean? Like, you just keep on going and it keeps growing and getting better .

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