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Apple Unveils The iPad (Video)

It is finally here!  This looks like the most user friendly device EVER!  Not sure if I’ll opt for one, but it still looks really cool.  Do you think it’s worth chucking your laptop out the window?

I have another question.  How many black mock turtle necks does Steve Jobs go through?

More info can be found at

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  • Nancy Daley says:

    Not worth chucking the laptop…. it isn’t a laptop in that same sense.

    But I will probably get this instead of switching to the iPhone. Verizon has been good to me since before they were Verizon and I’ve hated the thought of switching. But I can get 3G from AT&T for the tablet and have what I really want…. connectivity on a bigger screen.

    If I can get some work done on the road? Bonus.

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