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Art Life: How To Make A Street Art Family Photo

Art Life: How To Make A Street Art Family Photo

This weeks episode of Art Life, Garibaldi shows you how to turn a family photo into a street art style masterpiece. Check out the video for the demo, and read below for materials and tips that will bring your art to life.

What to buy:

18” x 18” white canvas – This can really be any size small or large

Printed family photo – I took the photo with my iPhone and uploaded it to the FedEx print app. You can easily pick it up from your local FedEx, or you can print a small version on your home computer.

Exacto knife – You really just need a blade that can safely and easily cut the image out of the paper

Mod Podge – This is a glue that dries clear. You’ll use it to adhere the image to a surface and to seal once you are done

Liquitex Spray Paint – Liquitex is a great quality spray paint and comes in many colors with different tiip options. It is also low in order, and no fumes like other paints. You may smell a little but nothing like other outdoor use spray paints.

Zig Posterman Paint Pens – These will work well on the surface and fun to use while adding your own color to the painting.

Stencils – This is just a fun option to add textures, lines, and shapes

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