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Imagine art brought to life on stage through paint, music, dance, and projection mapping. Performance Painter David Garibaldi is bringing his Art Life Live stage show on tour!

Art Life Live is an all ages show that will take your senses for a 70 minute ride. Up to 8 paintings will be created live, and each one only takes minutes in the most inventive ways.

Art Life Live keeps you on the edge of your seat, and the entire show is brought together through an imaginative and inspiring story.


Art Life Live is an art concert and theatrical experience.  Performance Painter David Garibaldi takes his audience on a 60+ minute sensory journey of art, sound, pop culture, and inspiration.  As Garibaldi creates up to 8 paintings on stage he is also challenged through out the show by a voice that is teaching him how to P.A.I.N.T.

Art Life Live is an all ages and family friendly show that will be sure to not only entertain, but to inspire!


Watch the full show below!

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 4.14.43 PM

Watch the whole show in it’s entirety or skip ahead to your favorite set.  See the set times below!

Countdown 00:00

Show Intro 00:50

Glasses Painting 02.45

Transition 1 06:00

The Weeknd 06:50

Transition 2 12:10

Marilyn Monroe 13:30

Act IV Intro 19:54

Dali 21:25

Text Battle 28:03

Location 29:16

The Kiss 32:02

The Soldier 38:40

Transition 3 46:13

Einstein 46:45

Contact 52:43

P. A. I. N. T. 54:48

Statue of Liberty 1:05:32