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Cyber Monday Deals & A chance to WIN A Garibaldi Exclusive | Ends 1 pm PST TODAY!

Cyber Monday: Collect today and be automatically entered to win 1 of the following items: 


  • Mini Baldi

  • A rare one of a kind set of show shoes worn by Garibaldi

  • A rare 1 of a kind show jacket worn by Garibaldi

*Double entry with purchase of art labeled   “Cyber Monday Deal” Shop these Deals below!


*Drawings will take place today during Garibaldis Live Stream at 4 pm PST.  Watch LIVE here.

Collect Cyber Monday Deal Here

Cyber Monday Deal: $360 Embellished Canvas Prints By Garibaldi!!

Be Entered to WIN  Exclusive 1 of a kind memorabilia with every purchase during Garibaldis LIVE STREAM at 4pm PST.  Details to watch LIVE here!


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