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Check Out My Cover For Sactown Magazine! Now Available!

Sactown Magazine & David Garibaldi

The only thing better than being on the cover of a magazine is creating art for the cover of a magazine.

Sactown is a premier magazine in the Sacramento area that (in their words) entertains, educates, and illuminates.  I would also say it’s a very “fashionable” magazine that I personally read.  So let’s just say when I sat down for the first time to meet with them about this, I said YES, before they could finish.  I also created some illustrations for the featured story.

For now, GO OUT and COLLECT this latest issue of Sactown Magazine!

For a list of where to buy CLICK HERE

Below are images of the illustrations that can be found inside the issue celebrating the arts!

Garibaldi for Sactown Magazine

Garibaldi for Sactown Magazine

Garibaldi for Sactown Magazine

Garibaldi for Sactown Magazine

Garibaldi for Sactown Magazine


  • Dave Weiss says:

    Great stuff David, Nicely done. I love your style.

  • Donna Hicks says:

    David you are amazing. Watching you grow up and becoming the person you are today has been a wonderful treat. Love you so much kido. Keep up your wonderful work. You never stop amazing me with your art.


    Where can I get a copy of this!!!! I will pay for shipping! I want one!!!! I’m totally a collector!

  • Jon Snellstrom says:

    David, Thank you for portraying the jewel of Sacramento in its diversity. Time Magazine published a few years ago that Sacramento is the most diverse city in the nation, and you have reflected this in your illustrations. Good job.

  • Jeff Helm says:

    My wife shows your Christ you tube video to almost everybody and every week. We are firm believers that Christ blesses all of us with gifts to use for His work. It is always beautiful to see His gift in action.
    My question is can I buy a Christ painting? I would love to bless her this Christmas with your painting.
    Please call or email me so I can determine if I can afford it.
    Thank you again
    Jeff Helm

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