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Christmas Eve Live At Southwest Church

Christmas Eve Live At Southwest Church

On December 24th, Garibaldi performed live at Southwest Church located near Palm Springs.  This is on of the 4 performances from the day.

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  • Jorge F. Rodriguez says:

    Hello David,

    I am a fan of your work and really enjoy the genuine approach for how you create art. Your art has so many layers, each layer defining your context and experience. I identify with your art, as I too see myself reflected in your images, colors, and style.

    Just recently, my partner and I were visiting a thrift store by the name of Southwest Church Thrift Store in old town Indio CA. As I walked toward the back of the store, I saw a large painting that reminded me of your art, however was not signed or anything. When I asked for more information, the store manager said the painting was done at a show at his Southwest Church in Dec. He also said the painting had been created during your visit to the Southwest Church whose video is referenced above. I am professor of Education here at Chapman University, and one of the classes I teach is in Aesthetics in Education. I try to expose students to powerful world of art and it reflective, expressive, and educational role it plays historically within our learning. The painting is now being put up in my office and I would love to send you a picture of it to see what inspired you to paint the imagery within it. The painting shows two large faces, one of an older person, and one of a younger person, the older person is carrying or hugging the younger person, and in the middle of both of them, their is a heart with a slight crack within it. I have made my own interpretation, nonetheless would love to know more about it. Likewise it would be great to continue to work with you through the University, our college could greatly benefit from your experience, and art.


    Jorge F. Rodriguez
    Assistant Professor, Chapman University
    Attallah College of Educational Studies
    714 856-1441

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