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Creator X Camp

Apply to join us for the 1st ever Creator X Camp taking place July 12th and 13th in Sacramento, CA!

For students in grades 8-11 they will be trained over 2 days focusing on 4 pillars in Arts, Media, and Entertainment:  Digital, Traditional, Story, and Performance.

Watch the video above for a more in depth explanation of the camp.

Visit to apply!


  • Diana Marshall says:


    I saw you at the ascd conference in Texas. I am director of equity in San Juan unified. I would love to work with you to provide experiences for our students

  • Hello!

    I really like your endeavor. If you would like to start camp in Stockton I can probably help you. I’ve been teaching graphic design at Delta College since 2006, after a 30+ year career as a hand drawn animator for Hanna-Barbera and Walt Disney Feature Animation. I currently run my own graphic design studio( I also founded a mural group here ( Stockton Mural Art Resource Team) and we utilize student artists and yes… PAY THEM.
    I’ve been a professional artist for over 40 years. Art has value. It has worth. I work constantly to help any artists price their work accordingly.

    If you interested in setting up a camp in Stockton maybe I can help. Either way I applaud what you are doing.

    Michael L. Oliva
    Founder/Senior Art Director- The S.M.A.R.T. Project

  • Yesenia Cervantes says:

    My name is Yesenia,
    I just wanted to know if I Child signing up had to be in 8 th grade? My sister is 12 years old And she is very very very interested in going. She is extremely mature for her age and an extremely talented young lady! I will admit I may be a little biased. if I can send anyone pictures I would love to do so I just want to see if I could get her some more help in furthering her passion. thank you again or taking the time to read this my email is attached please feel free to reach out.
    Yesenia Cervantes

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