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December 12th / 5pm PST

Celebrating Sacramento City Teachers and Students

In collaboration with the City of Sacramento, The Greater Sacramento Urban League and Collective 6, and Sacramento County Office of Education

As educators…

We also know how challenging this past year has been…

On December 12th, at 5 pm PST Creator X is hosting a “Virtual Paint Night” lead by artist David Garibaldi.

During the session, participants learn the Creator X methodology that can be easily implemented in any classroom, while painting step by step with David Garibaldi and sipping your favorite beverage for an unforgettable evening.

Students will learn about pursuing various pathways of art as a career and will leave empowered to do so.

Teacher participants will receive a copy of Toon Boom Harmony 20, Animation Intern Education curriculum and videos that can be easily used in any classroom, a value of more than $3,000 for the classroom.

Student participants will receive a free annual license to Toon Boom Harmony 20, with an estimated value of over $2,000.

To be eligible, teachers and students must be residents of the City of Sacramento (or go to school or teach in the city) and must have been impacted in some way by the pandemic.  Hint: going to school from home or teaching virtually certainly counts.

We’ll see you soon!

-Creator X Team

What Is Paint W/ Garibaldi?