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Denim Diamonds Donations: My Evening In Flagstaff

As I write this I’m about 30,000 feet in the sky. Gotta love iPhone apps! I was just reflecting on my time here in Flagstaff AZ and the impact this event will have on many lives.

I performed at a fundraiser that benefitted the American Cancer Society, and to fund their quest in finding a cure and supporting those battling various cancers. I was a little out of my element at the “Denim and Diamonds” event, but I was reminded of the universal connection art has on people.

Throughout my 4 painting performance, which included images of Mick Jagger, Johnny Cash, Audrey Hepburn, and Einstein, I shared my story and encouraged the audience to be generous during the evenings auction.

The amazing thing is I can perform and paint on stage but it is still ultimately up to the generosity of the folks who actually bid on the paintings. Just my paintings alone (and the vest I was wearing) brought in over $15,000 and the evenings total was just over $96,000 from other items. For a room of only a few hundred people, that just rocks!

I just want to thank all of the great people that were in the room last night. A lot of people battling cancer will have more hope knowing they are not alone, and we are all fighting for them.

Next stop, USC on Monday night!



  • Stephanie Sandoval says:

    Hello there my name is Stephanie and i’m a senior at Coconino High School I just wanted to say that I think you are an amazing artist! I’ve seen your work online and i think it’s unbeleivable, see I live in Flagstaff and I was asked to take pictures satrday night but i wasn’t able to attend because my mother’s birthday was the same day. I was prity bummed that I wasn’t able to make it so I could tell that to you in person, but my friend Tony got your autograph for me and thats cool enough for me. I hope you liked your trip to Flagstaff and that its worth coming back a second time.


  • Gary Seley says:

    I really enjoyed your performance on Saturday night at Denim and Diamonds we were some that were bidding on Mick Jagger great job.

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