“Die With Memories” Limited Edition Print

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“Die With Memories” Limited Edition Print


“Die With Memories Not Dreams” -The People of Sacramento

One late night while traveling I found myself like many, scrolling through my favorite social media sites catching up on the day.  While on twitter, I came across a tweet by a local social media guru who goes by the handle @thepeopleofsacramento.

This quote struck me.  It was my life, and it was something I wanted to strive for.  Even more so, it brought some clarification to a space inspired series I had been working on.

I admire astronauts because of the noble and risky work they do.  Exploring far off places in space that very few are brave enough, or even qualified to do.  It is noble, but I’m sure it’s also lonely.  It is work that literally only a handful of people can relate to, but they still do it.

This print is inspired by those who have bold dreams.  Those who take the steps to pursue their version of space.  You explore to make memories so that you don’t just die with your dreams.


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