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Drawing With Spencer

When I was in Oswego, NY last week, we stopped for some lunch the day of the show, and took a sketch break.

Below are some pics of my buddy Spencer and I showing off our creations. He is a huge Star Wars fan so I hooked him up with a Darth Maul.

I also attached below another picture Spencer did for me which was inspired by my performance painting. A special thanks to his dad Shane who made this all happen.

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  • Jill Sterio says:

    David, This is a perfect example of how much you touch people’s lives. This litlle guy, Spencer, is my very creative and ambitious Grandson. He couldn’t stop talking about your drawing session together at lunch. You touched him in a way he’ll never forget. Thank you for taking the time out for him. You both are very special. “Gramma Jill”

  • Shane Stepien says:


    Thank you so much… Spencer was so excited!

    You and your team are the best!


  • Thank you so much for doing that for Spencer. You definately left a lasting impression on him and each of us who got to know you here in Oswego.
    Keep Inspiring!

  • chris o'brien says:

    thumbs up David. This is the type of impact that we all wish we could have with kids.

  • Tremendous!! You inspire me as an artist and a man. Keep up the tremendous work. Amen

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