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Artist Editions Explained

Artists will offer various editions of their work which also means the art will come at various prices.  Below I will break down the various editions you may see from artists.


Open Editions:  There is no limit to the size of this edition and the artist can offer as many as they want.  This also means that they will come at a lower price.  the only time open editions become valuable are when the artist or their estate just stops printing them.  But there is a chance in the future they can do it again.


Limited Editions:  There is a set and limited number of editions that will be printed of an image, and no more.  These are typically signed an numbered by the artist and will come with a certificate of authenticity to assure collectors the artist signed it.  Limited editions are the most valuable reproduction of any artists work.


Timed Open Editions:  The artist will set a specific amount of time for the reproduction to be available.  Because it’s specified as an open edition, the artist can release this again at a later date for a set time period.  The artist does not typically sign these but the reproduction can still be considered limited.


Timed Limited Editions:  The artist will set a specific amount of time for the limited edition to be available.  Whatever sells in that set time becomes the edition size.  The artist will then sign and number the reproductions and will most likely provide a certificate of authenticity.


Hand Embellished Prints:  These are actually quite rare and valuable because the artist will add paint, texture, or more to make it a 1 of 1.  Even if they do this on another print, it will never be the same.  These are typically signed and numbered by the artist and will most likely come with a certificate of authenticity.


Remarque:  This is when the artist does an original drawing on the print or reproduction.  These are quite rare because these will always be one of a kind.