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Garibaldi In Cuba Part 2 | Art Life Garibaldi

Garibaldi In Cuba Part 2 | Art Life Garibaldi

Part 2! I want to help multiply the amount of creators in the world. To give them the tools and the inspiration to create. This is Creator X Project…. First stop… Cuba!

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  • Jeanette Lopez says:

    I don’t know where to start. Just thank you for sharing such a wonderful part of your life with us. I saw in that trip you made to Cuba, so many colors of your canvas right there! It’s such a wonderful feeling to give. I’m sure you were awesome to someone, somebody… Excellent! I hope to see much more on the itinerary for you in the future. So many countries full of exquisite people full of dreams of art. They just need someone like you to hand them the brush. I watched you grow through social media. You are still growing through these experiences. Thank you Mr. Garibaldi, GROW!

    Jeani3.l on Instagram ????

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