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Garibaldi Original Up For Ebay Charity Auction

For the past 2 years I have seen first hand the saga of the kings possible relocation, and have supported the team as a fan!
I have seen a city unite through our love of purple, grey, and black. Together, with local businesses, politicians and determined fans, our team, the Sacramento Kings are here to stay.
The women figure represents the fans, and the crown that reads “Here We StayED” covers her eyes to represent the fans having their sight set on a specific goal.
This 8 foot painting was painted and constructed live at the Long Live The Kings Rally. The crown and words were constructed out of wood and placed one at a time live on stayed to reveal the final message.
The entire piece represents a resilient community willing to put in the real work and love to bring a dream and vision to life.
A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Sacramento Kings foundation and to pay for the construction of this one of a kind piece of art.

Auction ends June 5th!



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  • Juliana Wong says:

    I completely commend you on your support of the Kings and I also commend your city banding together to ensure that your beloved Kings were not relocated. However, as a Seattelite and passionate Supersonics fan, I can’t help to feel defeated and disappointed. But, we couldn’t have loss a potential team to a better adversary. =)
    I do know how you can possibly make it up to us Seattlelites… I sit on the board for the Asian Counseling and Referral Service in Seattle. It’s a non-profit organization that caters to our inner-city API (Asian Pacific Islander) community by providing much needed social services such as health services, counseling, mental health services, addiction services and much more. We also have several programs aimed at our inner city API teenagers to help with studies, leadership and goal-setting. The mentoring the organization provides is phenomenal. We have an annual gala happening in November 2013, wherein the majority of our donations are contributed. We are looking for auction items for procurement and I definitely believe that with your support, your talent, and your passion, that any donation you can provide in terms of your art would generate a great buzz. I strongly encourage you to check out the website: and consider donating something to our auction. After all, Sacramento owes it to Seattle… =)
    Juliana Wong

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