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Garibaldi Tattoo? See The Picture!


During a meet and greet after my show at USC last night I got probably one of the biggest surprises ever.  I can’t believe I forgot his name, but when he showed me this tattoo rendition of my studio painting “Lounge Smoke” I was so honored.  I remember the day I was creating this painting, and how much of a hard time I was having personally.  To know it is a part of other peoples and their journey is just a blessing.  This is definitely the most unique way I have ever seen one of my paintings.  I hope he sees this so I can thank him by name.

UPDATE (2 minutes later):  His name is Bobby!  Thank you again Bobby!




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  • Rachel Morales says:

    Wow cuzn you are truly blessed! I love to see people using what God gave then to enjoy life and be a positive influence on others!

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