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Garibaldi Tees in Teen Choice Awards Gift Bags


Via Goodie Two Sleeves

” Goodie Two Sleeves has teamed up with Backstage Creations on Teen Choice 2009 on FOX and we’re putting a TON of cool stuff into their gift bags!  We’re packing Goodie Two Sleeves® and Lazy Oaf® tote bags with Goodie Two Sleeves® and David Garibaldi® shirts, stickers, key chains, all sorts of awesome stuff. These bags make their way to all the awesome celebrities who are part of the show including this year’s hosts with the mosts, the Jonas Brothers!”

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  • Gary Lowe says:

    David, I was in Reno last week at the Aflac conference when you came in. As a matter of fact I purchased the Tiger Woods portrait you created. Love the work and cant wait to get it on the wall in my home. thank you for the inspiration, you have a wonderful story and a true gift, cant wait to see what the future holds. I will be watching you for a long time to come.



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