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How A High School Dropout Raised 7 million For Charity

Start by building the value of who YOU are!

Those of you who are new, welcome and thank you for being here. Today’s message is for everyone. Whether you’ve been along this journey with us or you’re new today; It’s all about giving as you go. Episode 20, The PAINT Method Podcast, is unlike any other episodes. Subscribe to my podcast and let me know what you think. 

I also want to share that I just launched my very first set of courses if you visit It’s a learning platform for on demand courses and coaching for artists. Over the past 20 years, there’s a lot that I have done wrong, but also some things that I learned along the way that I hope to pass along to you.

So those of you who are building your art brand, or maybe you want to relaunch it, check out for more info about the on demand courses, and coaching for artists out there.

The value of who you are has to equal the value of your mission.

David GaribaldiKeynote Speaker | Performance Painter

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