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WOW it’s been 1 whole year of Art Life! ┬áThis is a special message to those of you who supported and info about another giveaway!

Enter by texting ARTLIFE to 58885


  • Spencer says:

    Thank you for all that you do to keep Art Life going !

  • Thomas Flores says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to be entered for the giveaway.

  • Nancy Williams says:

    I LOVE the Mickey Mouse painting I saw hanging in your studio on R Street….OMGosh!!! I’m a huge Mickey fan and it just brought so much joy into my heart when I came upon that painting unexpectedly. Was having a tough day at work and went for a walk. I work a block away and NEVER knew your studio was right there. It was magical. Thank you for the magic

  • Shane Hardey says:

    Big up’s my man Dav. Happy #1yearAnny of art life my “P.I.M.P” Suga here #LaRoseMann. Ive been there since the begging and my Fav was i think is a travel post where u missed a flight and you were driving some 150-200 miles to make it to a show. Not only did it show your dedication to your craft, but it showed that even when you get thrown a curve ball your way you still nocked it out the park. Blessings your way my friend. Inspiring one person at a time. Much Lov always. #DLF “Dont Lose Focus” & P.I.M.P “People Improving Many People. #????

  • Randall Randy Willhite says:

    I like the painting of Sean puffy combs. I would love for you to perform at one of my upcoming events in 2017. All of my events are for charity. There is a lot of prominent people at my vents, and I believe that she will be pleased with the professionalism and exposure these events gather.

    Please respond and contact me so that we can collaborate on a specific event.

  • Brian Shears says:

    What’s greater than your AMAZING work is that you are present and consciously aware that you have a defined PURPOSE! And as you, I am an artist, a hairstylist (or Hairapist) with passion and purpose.

  • Cynthia Barrows says:

    I just want to THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, for your sharing of your Creativity, Inspiration, Positivity, Artistry and Knowledge. And for sharing your adventures that I might not have ever experienced without you. Also would love to learn how to paint like you do if you ever teach how I would love to learn! Thank-you for all you share and keep up the good work.From one of your favorite fans.

  • Chelsea Weeks says:

    Yes!! You are amazing!! You and your family are beyond blessed.

  • Chelsea Weeks says:

    I loved the Elton John show. Among many others

  • Mike Miller says:

    I love your never ending support for our friend Vicki and the Shadows Foundations, and I really liked your Rio ARTLIFE. It gave me the opportunity to see what the Olympics wasn’t showing!

  • Archi says:

    Great AMAZING work! Keep doing you!

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