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Imagination Station | Garibaldi Travel Vlog

Imagination Station | Garibaldi Travel Vlog

On September 16th we traveled to Toledo, Oh to do a performance, celebrate my sons birthday, and to create new memories.  Leave a comment below and let me know how you like to celebrate your birthday.  DG


  • Amy M. Lipson says:

    Hey David,
    First, thank you for sharing this unique talent that is a gift that enables you to share with others, aiding others, in many cases, at fund raising events. Now, being in great admiration of your artistry, I would celebrate being born (i.e. my birthday) by seeing you in person with family and friends and/or winning a portrait. If money was materialisticly abundant, I would have requested a self portrait. I am always ready, like your use of videography, to capture those fleeting moments, like the ones with your handsome son, with my camera at any and all events. Yes. Indeed, images keep others physically alive in another format and help us to remember. I am a freelancer, a wandering jew (Happy 5777 jewish new year!), who would like to be in a passionate self-supporting environment. Better than a self-portrait, as an animal lover and Pet Care Provider, a portrait of my sister’s pet child, Sidney or my best friend, Westie Mix, Maggie would be treasured. Have you performed at any animal adoption fund raising events? If not, perhaps I can talk to your management personnel, assist in resource connections and set up a performance to raise funds for the many homeless, innocent creatures who are looking for someone to open their heart knowing gratitude will, ultimately, be a mutually giving relationship. (This would be me, utilizing my resources in my former position(s) in the performing arts, to have a show in magnitude for helping the nonprofit rescue, foster, adoption agencies). Please don’t hesitate to contact me.
    Again, my appreciation…what about a cannabis leaf signifying its loud and rising existence and influence in the aid of many ailment?
    Amy M. Lipson
    Freelance Writer, Photographer
    Pet Care Provider

  • To the administrator, You always provide useful tips and best practices.

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