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Imagine The Journey

Imagine The Journey

So many creatives do a great job “imagining the end result”.  One factor why many people get frustrated with the path to becoming a professional creative could have to do with this.

As much as you want to see and experience the end result, be as clear or more clear about the journey to get there.  When you do this, you won’t be as surprised or frustrated with the challenging journey ahead.

Check in with your mindset today.  What are you focused on?  Just the result?  Put some energy into imagining the journey.



  • Margaret LaRosa says:

    My mindset today is that I’m so blessed in life to have a wonderful husband, 3 amazing children and 2 going to be 4 grandchildren, all heathy and happy, and the journey to get here. And now to see how I can pay forward the love and happiness.that’s my focus and I’m about to take the first step in doing what it is.. it’s funny how I got this text from you as I was sitting thinking about where to start my research! Thank you it was validation

  • Dale says:

    Hi David,
    Just want to say I’ve been a huge fan of yours since your beginning. The vision you have painting is just incredible. I have seen you live in person and just blows my mind. And now you share your image the journey with everyone is outstanding. You just keep giving of your self. I have always wanted one of your paintings but just couldn’t afford one. I will surly use this to get myself to affording one of your paintings, I even have a spot on my Wall for one and you give this info freely of yourself. With life it always seems like money goes elsewhere. This will make me reach my goal of owning one of your paintings
    You just keep giving of yourself. You are the best!

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