Jane Seymour Joins Me On Stage In San Diego

By July 2, 2010 4 Comments

David Garibaldi and Jane Seymour

I mentioned last week that while performing for the Forman Foundation in San Diego, I was honored to create a portrait live of their honored guest, Jane Seymour.

Jane Seymour is best known for her acting roles on the silver screen and on TV, but most recently she was a contestant on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars.  She was on hand at the event in San Diego to show support for the Forman Foundation who is on a mission to find a cure for breast cancer.

I created a total of 4 paintings that night, one of them being Mrs. Seymour, and we raised a total of over $35k to go towards finding a cure.  I had no idea that Jane was going to hop on stage with me after the portrait.  The coolest thing was when she came backstage after the show to sign and paint her signature “open heart” symbol on her portrait.  She was such a cool sport, and was as gracious as you would imagine her to be.



  • Dane Reeves says:

    AWESOME BROTHER!!! Your giftings continue to shine. Keep rockin, hope you are Joy are well. Aloha, Dane

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  • Rory DeJohn says:

    I am so appreciative to be the person to buy the first ever Jane Seymour that David painted. Then to have Jane add her Open Heart design after Davids approval was superb. . Her signing the painting after David approved it was unbeliaviable. I feel like I have the next Andy Warhol but even better. Thank you to David and Jane. It will be hanging in my home and I am proud to be the owner of one of his original paintings and the first of Jane.
    Thank you both


  • Rory Dejohn says:

    How can I sell my original Jane Seymour

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