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Jesus Painting Video Reaches 1 Million Views

A friend of mine sent me this verse that sums up how I feel about this:

These are just the beginning of all that he does, merely a whisper of his power. Who, then, can comprehend the thunder of his power?” Job 26:14

I know that 1 million views on a video is nothing in the kingdom of God, but what does matter is how many people were introduced to Him, encouraged by Him, or inspired by Him through this video.  I just paint, but through Jesus Christ it has become so much more than just that to me.

Out of all the paintings I’ve created on stage, and no matter where I am personally in my own walk and life, this is the single most important image I will ever create on stage.  Thank you to everyone who has shared this on your Facebook and Twitter feeds.  Thank you to Bayside Church, Thrive Conference, and their media team for putting this out into the world.



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