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Kanye West Tour Stage Design

Kanye Stage

As an artist, I completely respect Kanye West as an artist.  As an artist who performs, I’m even more inspired by his prolific creativity when it comes to pushing the envelope live, especially with this new stage design.

This “Frank Gehry meets David Bowie” stage is one of the most creative stage designs I’ve seen in a while.  I want to go, just to see how they use the stage as a tool, rather than just an attraction.  I’ve learned that everything on stage must have meaning and be used or else it becomes stagnant and can bring your show down.  Kanye, what do you have planned for our entertainment?

This also makes me proud of my generations performers.  Just losing an icon, Michael Jackson, it should push entertainers to want to give our generation something new and powerful.  Kanye still has a lot to go, but keep it coming.  A legacy is everything we took for granted about someone before it’s too late for us to really appreciate it.  Check out the rest of this stage design.




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