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MJ Tribute By Artist Cesar Moreno

MJ Tribute by artist Cesar Moreno featured one of my “Pop Trilogy” paintings on their website this week and also featured this one by artist Cesar Moreno.  I just wanted to share with you another unique perspective and artistic expression of how much Michael Jackson meant to pop culture.

Check Out Cesars Website: Click Here

Many would would say, “Why pay tribute now?”, but I would say, “Why not?”.  It is just a relevant subject right now.  I think it is important to pay a respectful tribute to someone so that positive imagery left behind shows the best of of who they were.

What are your thoughts?  What do you think about artist’s paying tribute to the King Of Pop after his untimely passing?

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  • Naomi Pestanas says:

    :: I find that you raise a very good point. Often times you’ll run into the cynical people that find themselves either overwhelmed about news/media/people that they are not interested in. Hence the negative statements/questions. It is very true that artists paying tribute to someone so great and has changed so many lives through music should definitely be honored, and even more so now due to the relevancy of the situation. I think Cesar Morino’s painting is amazing (although slightly frightening for my taste). But I can appreciate it! *Nai ::

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