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My 2 Days At Stevenson HS

This video explains how crazy it was everytime I hit the stage at Stevenson High School.

I spent 2 days this week performing for Stevenson High Schools “Odessey Art Fest” where I did 4 shows total for the 4,400+ students. Each show was about 50 minutes, 4 paintings each, and my story in between. When I step back and look at it all, I still feel like this kid from Sacramento that had this dream to create art in front of people. Along the way I learned it was a platform I can use to not only entertain, but to benefit and inspire people.

That was the message I shared with the students, that whatever your passion is, apply a purpose behind it, and just see the world with different eyes. When I returned to my Facbook Fan Page after the shows I was floored by how many students responded to the experience and that simple message. It’s events like this that remind me why I do what I do.

So all my love and gratitude to everyone at Stevenson High School! Thank you for inspiring me.


  • Joe says:

    Thank you for coming to our school, and for your inspiring performance.

  • LeAnne Aquino says:

    Mr. Garibaldi.
    Your name will forever stay in my heart and in my mind because of your performance @Stevenson Highschool. I will remember that day where you inspired me to be all i can be as an artist. Before, all I wanted to do was art. I was really good at all art aspects. The school even bought a sculpture of mine. So that was when I knew I wanted to become an artist. But not too soon after I had realized, making money out of art may be a once in a lifetime thing. So I started focusing on other careers that I may enjoy for the rest of my life. Stuff I would never enjoy as much as I enjoy and love painting, drawing, and etc. just expressing my emotions through art. But when you inspired me on the stage Feb. 2 & 3 (I ditched my last odessey class to see you one more time LOL) I knew from then on I was going to start following my dreams to the fullest.

    Don’t worry I’ll remember your name when I also get famous for my artwork and how you inspired me. Just like how Denny Dent inspired you.

    Thank you. Hopefully I get too see you perform again in Cali where a lot of my filipino family is 😀

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