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My Afternoon In The Local Orlando Art Scene

I’m in Orlando right now to perform for the Orlando Magics halftime in celebration of MLK Day, but I could not pass up the opportunity to hit the local art scene.

We stopped by a place called City Arts Factory, and I liked some of the work, but I had to collect the one I really loved. You never know what you will find in local art scenes, and artist Tracy Burke really impressed me.

I wish you could see the detail in this piece titled “Fiona” to appreciate Tracy’s natural talent and eye for flow in an image. She used the white of the canvas to act as the light. Opposite of what I do with the black canvas in my paintings. I also got it because I could appreciate the artists technique.

Be sure to support local art wherever you go. There is always something to appreciate.

Looking forward to tonights show. See you at the Amway Arena!

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