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My Change Labs Experience In Sydney

Change Labs Crew

The only way I could describe my time with Change Labs in Sydney was like being at a summer school for ‘super heroes’.  Let me explain.

Change Labs, formerly known as Center For Skills Development (  Change Labs is an agent for positive change. They specialise in the design and delivery of large-scale behaviour change projects, focusing on areas of social importance.  They also believe nothing changes minds, attitudes and behaviours like emotional connection with an inspiring person with an inspiring message!  Being in a room full of people who were passionate about that message felt like being at summer camp for super heroes.


Let’s just say ‘this was meant to be’.  I was first introduced to this amazing organization through their CEO, Entrepreneur and Speaker, Peter Sheahan (pictured above).  I went all the way out to Australia, where Change Labs is based, to perform for their winter retreat.  I created a series of images that reflected many of their core values as a company.  Even though I originally went there to paint and share my own story, I walked away completely inspired by this group.

The average age of the staff is 23 years old, and they are full of energy.  You can visit their website to read exactly what it is they do, but I just have to say they are making a HUGE impact on the youth and future of Australia.

Below is another picture of our friends Jess and Phil Nosworthy who were the best host’s ever.  Phil is with Change Labs but Jess is an amazing videographer/photographer/director, and she captured some amazing photos and video of the whole experience.


I also wanted to share with you some of the images I created.  Keep in mind, these were all custom and not in my normal ‘repertoire’ but I found them to still be inspiring based on what each image stood for.  Below you’ll find a few of the 9 images I created.  Thank you to Peter, his whole team and everyone at Change Labs!

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  • Lauren says:

    Hi David,

    just wanted to say thank you sooo much for the inspiring weekend at the changelabs winter retreat, i wish you and your wife the very best, health and happiness- you deserve it. i hope all goes well with the bub, and i really hope you keep inspiring people through your amazing art and gentle nature 🙂

    come back and visit us Lab Rats 🙂 we would love to have you again 🙂


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