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My Evening Speaking For Art Institute Grads

Yesterday was an inspiring day for me. I started my day in Chico, CA to perform and speak at a student leadership conference called REACH. The group of students were young and in the beginning of their journey, but they were hungry to lead and bring change to their schools and communities.

When I was done I made a quick trip back home to Sacramento, showered up, and then made my way to speak for the first graduating class from the Art Institute Sacramento.

It was interesting because this group of students were celebrating the accomplishment of graduating, but they were also at the beginning of a new journey.

When I think about the 2 groups of students, young and old, it seemed as if they still had this desire to learn and be challenged. From my perspective it reminded me to never let go of the student inside of me. To cherrish the curiosity of how I can improve.

So I just wanted to thank the young students at the REACH conference and the grads from the Art Institute for reminding to be a student no matter where I go in life.

We are always beginning a new journey.


  • Broderick JJ wilson says:

    hey I remember taking that pic was great seeing you there man I love your work. I just got done watching your video’s. sick sick sick!!!

  • Heather Vaughan says:

    So great, I had the pleasure of having all three of these creative AI grads in my fundamentals and branding classes. Thanks for inspiring them as they continue to create!

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