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My Friend – Artist Jeff Musser


This afternoon I stopped by my artist friend Jeff Musser’s studio to check out some of his latest work and I was so inspired by what I saw.  So inspired I figured, you have to see this.

At first you may just see it as tattoo inspired art, but trust me it is way more than that.  Each piece has been inspired by something very meaningful to Jeff, and each painting was created with the precision and passion of a master.  These photos do not do his work justice so make sure you head to the Verge Gallery in Sacramento to see it in person.

For more info about artist Jeff Musser visit

Or on Facebook CLICK HERE

He’s got some limited posters and you can always see his work on display at Verge Gallery: // 1900 V St., Sacramento, CA 95818 USA // Phone: +1 916-448-2985 // Fax: +1 916-448-2957


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