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My Giant iPhone Painting Experience (Video)


This was definitely something I have never done before.

I recently partnered with a great company Lux Mobile to create a line of electronic accessories which includes iPhone cases, laptop sleeves, headphones, iPad cases and more.  Each piece has my branded flair of Rhythm, Color, Culture, and Energy.  To launch the line within the wireless industry I performed in the Lux Mobile booth at CTIA in Las Vegas which is one of the worlds largest wireless conventions.

As soon as I know which retailers will be carrying these I will post it.

To commemorate the experience I created several paintings on a giant iPhone case for the audience in attendance.  Special thanks to for shooting this footage and sharing it with your network.  And by the way, the Black Berry cases are coming too.



  • Ryan Oatis says:

    I love the iPhone cases. You have amazing talent. I can not wait for these cases to be sold because i know i will be buying a few of them ha ha! I am from New Orleans, LA, and i consider myself to be an artist as well. I was just wondering if you are ever going to make a stop to this great city of New Orleans because i know many people down here would love to see your amazing talent!!
    Ryan Oatis

    • Avatar photo admin says:

      Ryan, I will definitely be coming back to New Orleans. The iPhone covers are looking great. Looking forward to getting them in your hands! Thanks for writing! DG

  • Ryan Oatis says:

    Thats Awesome to hear that you will be coming back to New Orleans, I will be looking forward to it! The iPhone covers do look great and cant wait till they arrive. Keep up the AMAZING work, your work is very aspiring to me as an artist and definitely one of a kind! you are a huge inspiration!

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