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My Million Dollar Charity Challenge In 2012

The Purpose

“Paint With Passion and Purpose” has been the foundation of my career for the past 7 years.  To me it means using my passion for creativity to not only entertain, but to benefit and inspire people along the way.  Your passion may not be creative but you can still use what you love to change the world around you.

The Challenge

6 years ago I set a personal goal that through my art I can help non profit organizations raise money for their causes.  $1,000,000 by age 30 to be exact.  This is mainly done through performing at fundraising gala’s and the amount raised from the auction of the paintings is applied towards this goal.

The Progress

We’ve made tremendous progress the past few years, and it’s only been possible because of the hundreds of generous people around the world.

The Goal

As of today we are currently at $820,000 so in the next 12 months our goal is to raise $180,000 through the charity galas I’m performing at this year.  This year we will also be doing special online auctions to help us reach our goal.

And that is My Million Dollar Challenge in 2012!  Let’s make it happen together! -DG

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