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My Thoughts After Watching Walking Dreams

Let me first start this off by saying thank you to Chad Ross! I’ve gotten to know Chad over the years as he has documented my story, and always showing up at different places with his camera. I’ve gotten to know and appreciate the person behind the lens and I’m proud of the work you created and the story you told. It IS a film about passion and purpose.

I’m not going to give my review of the film because I don’t want to affect your opinion (good or bad) about it but this is the closest I will come to one, so here we go.

This documentary is not all about my story. It’s more about my message which comes through the interactions and exchange that happens through my art. I read a negative comment online at and someone said they hate the fact it seems more about a message and the way I create than the art rather than just talking about the art. I would say yes, you are correct.

I realized I am limited in time on stage or in galleries and I don’t want to spend my time talking about art when I would rather just create it. Once I create, I want to use it as a gateway to get a message across. If someone wanted to talk about the art let’s do it, but we can use this art for SO much more than just “talking about it”. And to be honest, that approach is nothing new in the art world. That is what art is all about (to me).

So don’t watch the movie if you think it’s going to go into great detail about my technique and mediums (we’ll save that for when I’m older). I hope when you watch it you understand I am just one of many stories out there in this world of someone pursuing a dream. YOU are the other stories!

The first thing you will see when the film starts is a message that says “this is a film about passion and purpose”. That is what it is, and I hope in some way the story and images that follow it will encourage you.

Let me end with this.  I am so excited for you to see this film, and I am looking forward to giving back to the city I am from and I cannot wait to spend an evening with the amazing people of my home town!

But, we’ll see what you think of it after the premier Thursday (July 29th) night.


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  • We are honored to be able to share the film and your art and inspirational story with the Sacramento region at the Sac Film & Music Festival, and we are so proud to work with you to create an event that celebrates film, music and creative art and gives back to the community as well. Cheers to a great event!!

  • hi david!
    i saw your performance last night at the cricut launch party – i told you afterward that i am in love with you AND I AM! hahahha!

    i just wanted to tell you again how awe inspiring your performance AND YOUR MESSAGE were last night. something i will truly never forget! and i am happy to say i found you out here on the inter-web and will be keeping up to date! the film sounds wonderful and i hope to have my mom and brother (both artists) see it or maybe even get to see you in person one day (ever get to birmingham or new orleans)?

    will keep an eye out for the clothes too – bet my son would like them…
    thank you for what you do

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