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My Travels // Sleepless In The Detroit Airport Pics


This was me on Wednesday morning.  I was OUT!  Sometimes you just gotta get sleep when you can.  I just need to get them back now for taking this pic.  =)



  • Shelly Fischer says:

    Were you snoring? lol That is funny that your buddies took your picture while sleeping….lol…thanks for sharing!

  • Pete Bray says:

    My wife to be, our daughter and I were lucky enough to see that you where doing a show at Northern Michigan University last night (April 14th, 2010) and got to meet you and had a freeking awesome time seeing you perform! I think the coolest part of it for us was seeing how happy and inspired our daughter was. She has been drawing and creating art since she could grab a crayon and I think that living with both her mother and I (both artists) really got her into art and expressing herself through it. But I was really happy we got to see your performance and I just wanted to thank you again for coming up to Marquette, MI. Keep up the awesome work you are truly an inspiration!!

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