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New Facebook Fan Page for CMYK’s


As we continue our journey with AGT we want to share all the fun along the way.  A lot goes into a 90 second performance like rehearsals, wardrobe, tech checks, and lots of food of course.

Be sure to ‘Like’ our Facebook fan page, the ONLY place we’ll be sharing any info about our AGT journey.






  • Pam Woodall says:

    You are fantastic! I have never seen anything like your art. On tonights abt who was the painting? Was it Mick Jager? I could watch you and your guys for hours.

  • Kathy says:

    Hi! I am now an official, No. Calif. (Sierra foothills), excited fan of yours! I am a Musician/Artist/Geek/Photographer, and what you are doing artistically LIVE, is what I’ve been trying to achieve on my Wacom Cintiq tablet for hours! I’ve absolutely enjoyed watching you on AGT, and would now like to see if I can buy any videos of some of your performances! They are inspirational to my creative thinking!

    Your fan
    Mtn Kat

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