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New Painting Close Ups // Progress



My favorite part of paintings are the close ups.  Not just paintings by me, but by all artist’s.  I love looking really close at a Leroy Neiman wondering “How the heck did he decided to put that color where he did?”  It’s really not an “artsy thing” either.  I just think is looks really cool.

I would personally love to have posters in my home of the close ups on paintings.  We’ll call it the “Close Ups on Paintings” room.

Anyways, enough of me.  Here are some close ups of a painting I started and finished today.  I don’t want to show you the final piece, well because it’s for a special project, but I really want to show you what I see, or what I look for when viewing any painting.  By the way it’s only 16” x 20” in size.


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