New Self Portrait – Message And New Look For New Year!

By December 22, 2010 3 Comments

david garibaldi self-portrait_12_12_2010_small

“To The Sky” (Self Portrait) // 72″ x 60″ // Latex on Canvas // 12.20.2010

This past year has been one of my most memorable.  From the places we traveled like, new paintings, shows, and one of the best things ever, my son was born.  It’s a stamp in time, but as Jay-Z would say “we are on to the next one”.

What self portrait do you want to paint next year?  A painting of a portrait is made up of strokes of paint, dabs of color, or better yet decisions, desires, dreams, and even devastation.  Create a new self portrait for yourself next year.  A painting to remember!  A masterpiece!  Or maybe just a stamp in time that you will never forget!

Happy Holidays from the whole Garibaldi family, and everyone on our team!



  • Amanda says:

    I love the inspiration that motivated you to paint this one
    and that you are looking up to the sky. I’m so happy for you and
    your family this holiday. It keeps getting better as they get older
    you just wait~ ~ AP

  • malabona says:

    Thanks for the inspiration, you are just amazing. From
    BARCELONA we wish you all the best

  • You have inspired me BIG time this year. I am thankful and
    hope to be as good as you one day… I wish you and your family the
    BEST! christopher summey aka “edify”

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