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New U2 360 Tour Pics


Take breath….yes, this is real and not a model.  Is this architecture or stage design?  I think that is the line they just crossed with the execution of one of the most innovative stages yet.  These are pics from U2’s new 360 tour.

Check Out The Video And More

For their new 360º Tour, they hired Hoberman Associates who teamed up with Innovative Designs to create a stainless steel and aircraft aluminum structure with a display made of 888 LED screens, with 500,000 pixels spanning across them, providing concertgoers with clear and visually stunning images from all angles thus the name of the tour 360º.  It has a screen area of 3,800 square feet, and weighs approximately 120,000 pounds. Also check out Bono’s laser jacket after the jump.

So who’s up for a trip across the world to see this?

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