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Non Profit Feature: ModestNeeds.ORG

Modest Needs

I was on my Facebook Fan Page and I simply asked “What is a charity or non profit org you support?” and there were a ton of responses.  I promised I would feature at least one.  I also spend a lot of time each year performing and donating paintings at events that help raise money for all kinds of non profits, so I decided, why not shine a light here on my blog.  Read more below!


Founded in 2002, Modest Needs is an award-winning public charity with a simple but critical mission: we work to stop the cycle of poverty BEFORE it starts for the low-income workers whom conventional philanthropy has forgotten.  With the economy in it’s current condition, we will see more of this; a student that could use a laptop, lingering medical bills, and more people that could just use a helping hand to get by.

I’m sure there is an approval process to verify the people are truly in need, but either way, ModestNeeds.ORG and the people they feature is definitely worth checking out.

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  • I agree. I always try and support any organization that helps the younger generation in need. I help in my own experience with just dancing. It’s what kept my head on straight when I was a teenager and I try to do the same.

    Right now it’s very important for everyone to pull together and help out anyone that we can in need.

    I will definetly check it out and see if my dance group can help out in anyway!

    One Love,
    Elizabeth Munoz

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