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One Of My High School Animation Videos

Wow this was so long ago, but it was so defining in my journey.  Read the words of Mr. Sullivan, my animation teacher, and how he describes the creation of this piece.

“This k9 Studios film was created by David Garibaldi. The day before this film was due the computer crashed and we lost the entire film. A young very distraught David came to me and asked what could we do? I told him he has a choice of giving up and doing nothing or follow your passion, be tenacious and fix the problem. That night David and I worked all night to recreate his film. We made the deadline of that film festival and with never giving up David won his first of many awards to come with Escape. Now David Garibaldi is a very successful artist that travels the world and when ever he gets the chance he shares this lesson and uses it as part of his motivational speeches on to follow your dreams, never give up, be tenacious and live with passion. I hope you enjoy David Garibaldis First film Escape 1998. “

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