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Check out our Paint W/ Group 001




Q:  Can I share my Zoom Webinar link?

A:  No, but your whole group can watch from a single device.



Q:  Do we have to watch live?  Can we watch on demand?

A:  Paint With Garibaldi 001 will be available on demand for 1 week after the live stream.

You will receive an email with a link after the live stream.



Q:  What if I have technical issues during the performance?

A:  We will do about a 10 minute intro to get everyone settled in before we start.  If you are having issues with anything Zoom related, you can contact Zoom technical support.  If you have questions about the painting, you can ask in our live chat.  This session will also be available on demand after the live stream.



Q:  Where do I get supplies from?

A:  You can order supplies from this Amazon Affiliate link.  You can also stop by a local large craft store like Michaels, or Blick Art Supply.



Q:  What if my supplies don’t come in time?

A:  This Paint With Garibaldi will be available on demand for 1 week prior to the live stream.  Each participant will receive an email with the link.  We still recommend you watch live to get familiar with the project.



Q:  Is there a minimum age to watch / participate?

A:  No minimum age.  This is a family friendly live streamed event for all ages to watch and participate.



Q:  What if I’ve never painted before?

A:  This is for any skill level and no experience is required.  Garibaldi will walk you through step-by-step in the process.



Q:  Will there be a Q&A?  How interactive is this?

A:  Yes, there will be a live Q&A chat during the questions and our moderators will answer all relevant questions as they are asked.

Email for support