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I’m SO honored and excited to announce that I will be performing at The White House for South By South Lawn, October 3rd, 2016.  A Festival of Ideas, Art, and Action.

My official press release can be found HERE.

South by South Lawn, an event inspired by South by Southwest, brings together creators, innovators, and organizers who work day in and day out to improve the lives of their fellow Americans and people around the world. It is a call to arms for every American to roll up their sleeves and make a positive mark on our country — and a celebration of the great work that we have already accomplished together

Find more information about South by South Lawn, visit



  • Wendy Mac says:

    Hey David,
    I’m so glad I get to follow you on your journey. Like you I was put here by God to serve others. Particularly women in recovery. I’m a rock and roll yoga teacher (Rocklin, near bayside), and my dream is to have my own studio. Hasn’t happened yet.

  • Jessie Nocella says:

    Congratulations on the White House performance that’s a blessing! I ended up watching this video immediately after receiving a message from a producer to be involved in a live painting and beat-making showcase on Oct. 20., where artists will collab and inspire each others work. Then I got a text with your video and watching you speak is so meaningful to an artist like me, whose still painting at small city jazz and hip hop shows. Every step counts and your journey is a testimony of that. Peace

  • Cynthia wellington says:

    Wow! The White House! If you see president and Mrs Obama tell them Happy Anniversary! I know it’s October 3rd, the same as ours.
    Cynthia and Cleon Wellington

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