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Photo: A Note To Myself And A Letter To My Fans

I was filling out some paperwork for an upcoming project and someone asked me how long I’ve been developing this show with my CMYK dancers.  I remembered I had this note so I went to get it, picked it up, and it had the date 2.8.09.  Exactly 3 years to the date.  I had this really cool, but creepy feeling after I read it.

Normally I’m pretty private about my current projects until I feel they are ready to be “experienced” but I had to share this with you.  My fans and collectors have supported me from painting live in jazz clubs, to performing at churches and high schools, to traveling the world as an artist, entertainer, and speaker.  Because of your support is why I’ve had the opportunity to evolve and present those ideas in physical form for you.

This is the next step in my evolution.  I am working with an incredible team that is helping me bring this idea to life….no…bringing this dream to life.  Something that started as a scribble on a note.  I will forever be grateful for believing, and I guarantee the next step in this evolution will be quite entertaining, but most importantly…..inspiring!

I’ll have an announcement next week, so if you are reading this, and you read this far into the post, you are the first to hear we have some fun stuff planned.

Always remember to cherish your ideas, creativity, and then work your butt off to see them come to life.  Everyones journey will be different, but I thank you for being a part of mine.


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  • This is very inspiring and should be a powerful message for those chasing their dreams! Write down, visualize, and take action towards your goals and eventually they will manifest.

    I’m glad to have had an opportunity to experience your live show and see the CMYK’s for the first time. Keep inspiring the masses..GT

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