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Plog #3: Salvador Dali


“Salvador Dali” / 72” x 24” / Latex on Canvas / 5.11.2009

TToday would be the birthday of the late surrealist master Salvador Dali.  I’m sure growing up, at one point or another you may have seen a melting clock or two by Dali….

Today’s painting is a tribute to a master who may not have “invented” surrealism, but he sure did it well enough to carry the movement on his back.  

I want to challenge you today and this week to see this world through “new eyes”.  We all have these dreams or aspirations that we chase, but to make them real, we must try first to see, what does not already exist.  It could be a new job, a new dance routine, a new skateboard trick, or even a relationship.  To live your dreams, you must first see it.  So take that first step, do what Dali did as he approached his paintings, and see the world today through “new eyes”.

Enjoy the close up pics below.

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