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Someone Got My Shoes Last Night!


It is quite funny now but it has become common for people to ask me for anything with paint on it.  I rarely give things like that away if it’s not for charity, but last night in Grande Prairie I made an exception.  It was a win-win situation; they got my shoes, and I got to lighten my load while on tour.


  • Daniel Stephenson says:

    you are awesome David

  • Daniel Stephenson says:

    come to my city wildomar

  • Jesika Ashley says:

    Oh brittney it would be you

  • brittney says:

    i really think you should come back to grande prairie i know its really cold and small but there were so many people that were amazed by what talent you have! and i know its creepy i asked you for your shoe but it really means alot that not only you gave em to me and my friend but that you did blog and face book em!!

    i really thank you for comeing to GP and taking the time to talk to me and my friend!!


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