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Tavis Coburns 1940s Russian Avaunt Gaurde World


via trend land

I love this stuff so much I can’t even remember if I’ve posted this before.  If this is a re-post, that means it’s that fresh!

Illustrator/Artist/Designer Tavis Coburns signature 1940’s Russian Avaunt Gaurde imagery has been commissioned by such media giants and companies as  Footlocker, NFL, Time Magazine, and The Discovery Channel.  His style is a unique blend of 1940s comic book art, Russian avant- garde and 1950s prints and each work is is created by an involved process of painting, digital design, and hand silkscreening.

Coburn has also made motion graphics work for clients including Dyson, Nike and the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce. He is now selling his prints online from around $150 here.

My personal favorite about all of his work is his color choice.  I have a hard time deciding what color to use because there are just so many choices.  It seems that Tavis has no problem using every color in the spectrum.

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